Cows and Grass

Sometimes I look at cows and wonder, do they get tired of eating the same grass all the time? Do they search the paddock for different grasses, different plants, different flowers? Does it all taste the same? Do they wonder if that grass over the other side is greener or might taste different, and that’s why they put their head through the fence, even if its barbed wire? To brave the pain, and taste the grass that’s almost out of reach, while still trying to stay in the safety of their paddock? What if the grass outside still tastes the same but they are caught by the fence? What if the grass does taste better? Or what would happen if the fence was gone? Then what? Would they be brave enough to still taste the unknown? Or would the fence that’s been there for so long still remain in their mind?
Maybe its just easier to stay in the same paddock and eat the same grass.
Sometimes I wonder about cows.

Yes, some days I wonder if the grass is greener or a different type, when the grass I have isn’t exactly wrong, just…monotonous. And no matter how I try to change the environment the grass is growing in, or add some flavour to the grass, or toss a few flower seeds in to add some colour, it’s still…just…grass…

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