You’re in my head
And I cannot shake you free
Wish you’d kiss me once
And then maybe I could be
Wrapped in your warmth when you’re not around
Wish you were here to lay my fears to ground

Fears that I will think
Of you every single night
Fears that you will fade from me
Fade right out of sight
I doubt you even think of me
Far away you are
I doubt that you will think on me
When the darkness fades to stars

Our time has been, our time has gone
It seems we both have lost
Wanting what we cannot have
Missing it the most
If I even thought you felt the same
I’d meet you past halfway
To kiss your lips and feel your warmth
If only for a day…

Published by

A Serendipitous Life

Woman | Proud | Strong | Independent |Ecologist | Mother-of-3 | Hiker | Camper | Lover | Musings and discoveries and snippets of my Life and my Self

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