“The Hounds need direction.”

I read this on a blog post today* and it resonated with me.

“And if they bark and bay and chew on your shoe anyway, you say, “That’s just my brain doing it’s thing,” and you firmly turn away and lovingly go about sticking to your Conditions of Enoughness, knowing that the lingering feeling of not enoughness is a habit, a groove, not permanent, not fixed, and certainly not an indication that you are not living up to your fabled potential.”

My Hounds are being shown quite firmly that my shoes are not for chewing, but if they want to go dig up the bit of the garden I don’t mind, and I will still give them a pat when they come to play later.

* http://www.comfortqueen.com/befriending-the-hounds-of-more


peace within you


Not work.
Not friends.
Not being cranky at the neighbours.
Not that big house.
Not quiet kids (…well…not totally sure about that one…).

Being at peace with oneself, amidst the chaos and the noise, is the only real peace.