Blossom into being

“Sometimes we are on the verge of blossoming into a thousand flowers.

But we don’t.

We are waiting. We are thinking, ”Maybe tomorrow. I’m quite busy right now doing the same unsatisfying things I have been doing for years. Yep, pretty busy.”

Or maybe we are afraid of what will happen if we open up. We are afraid to leave a bad situation because we’ve forgotten what a good one even looks like for us.

We’ve gotten so used to a life surrounded by unhappiness that we’ve convinced ourselves it’s normal. After all, everyone else’s life looks like this, too.

Somewhere along the way we stopped believing in our own strength and beauty. We think we’ve lost it, or maybe it was never really there.

And worst of all, we’ve let someone else define who we are for us. We’ve lost who we are so we’ll believe whatever anyone else tells us, even if it makes us smaller…angrier.

There are not enough voices telling us the Truth. There are not enough voices to get through the mist that has gathered around our belief in ourselves.

Don’t let anyone hold you back.
Yes, you have been buried.
Like all good seeds. It’s time to live.
It’s time to open to the world, to the Sun and to yourSelf.
You are on the verge
Of something

—Aaron Paquette